Why Celebrate Today? September 23, 2009

Btms^ for Wednesday, September 23.
Drink Forecast for Today (DF 4 2day): Bell’s Two Hearted Ale,  2 toast 2 Bruce Springsteen, “Born to Run” & “Born in the USA”  in 1949. “Two hearts are better than one…” 
Complimentary Sip & Sample Wines 2day @ All Barns, 5 to 7 pm:
  – Milton Park Shiraz, SE Australia
 – Ashwood Grove Chardonnay, SE Australia
Complimentary Spirit Sampling 2day in Lexington, @ Harrodsburg Road store in Beaumont Centre, 5 -7 pm: 
 – Tuaca Liqueur   
On this date in…
1806 – Lewis and Clark returned to St. Louis after exploring the Pacific Northwest.
1846 – Neptune was discovered.
1900 – Artist Louise Nevelson was born…to sculpt!
1908 – The University of Alberta in Canada was founded.
1920- Actor Andy Rooney was born…a “Hardy Boy” and a friend of Judy G’s!
1926 – Musician John Coltrane was born…THE ultimate saxophone player!
1930 – Musician Ray Charles was born…to “Hit the Road Jack”.
1947 – Actress Mary Kay Place was born…to be a BIG star in “The Big Chill” and “Big Love”!
1949 – Songwriter, singer, musician Bruce Springsteen was born..in the USA, and Born to Run!  
1958 – Golfer Larry Mize was born…to hit the greens!
1959 – Actor Jason Alexander was born…a friend of Seinfeld’s!

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