Louie Louie Versus Diction!

Louie won.

Loowee looowi!

“Oh no, bay wiggaah go!”

Today in 1963, the Kingsmen released “Louie Louie”.

It was banned by many radio stations for its supposedly obscene lyrics. How could they tell? The singer’s crystal clear diction (not) revealed little nastiness. Finding filth in this recording is like listening to an ink blot.

I, however, actually sang this song for several years with a local rock group. Electricity had just been invented – before that, our guitars were of the air variety.

I know the real lyrics and will be happy to share that knowledge with you, but then of course I’d have to kill you.


“Afaa lill girl aquoizesee

Withahttuh I’ll nevva leeagginn”

Wait! That’s not all!

–          Today was a big day for another song with far more decipherable lyrics – though I’m not sure they’re any more comprehensible. “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini” hit number one on the pop charts today in 1960. You’ll be hummin’ that one all day. You can thank me later.

–          Today in 1876, Thomas Edison received a patent for his mimeograph machine. Oh, that piquant bouquet!

–          It’s also the day of birth in 1922 of actor Rory Calhoun. Will we ever forget his delicious performance as the proprietor of MOTEL HELL?

Our Quote of the Day

…comes from actor Dustin Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman was born today in 1937. He confides; “I decided to become an actor because I was failing in school and needed the credits.”

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Keep singin’!


Reenaats ndazeye sail th’see

Hingah girl cossint’lee”

Absolute poetry! Let’s have a;

Louie Louie Cocktail

3 oz. Southern Comfort

1 oz. Grays Peak Vodka

1 oz. Durango Coffee Liqueur

Stir and serve in a cocktail glass.

Just crank it up to eleven and forget the words!




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One Response to “Louie Louie Versus Diction!”

  1. ileneonwords Says:

    I was 10 when all that controversy swirled around “Louie, Louie!” Please stop by and visit my blog some time.! Thanks!

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