You Ain’t Nuthin’…

…but a hound dog!

That’s what the King told us in 1956. I wasn’t quite sure how to take it at the time. I was a mere five years of age and it didn’t sound like a piece of information my parents would sanction as polite.

Elvis Presley introduced his new single, “Hound Dog”, on “The Milton Berle Show”, scandalizing the audience with his suggestive hip movements.

We-e-e-e-ll, that’s gotta be our;

Drink 4cast 4 2day

I have to ‘fess up, I’ve never been a huge fan of Mr. Presley’s music, though I do enjoy watching his film “Viva Las Vegas” (that could have more to do with Ann-Margret’s lively presence – euphemism for “suggestive hip movements”) but the drink sounds useful, quick, and easy on a summer day.

Hound Dog Cocktail

2 oz. Ron Diaz Light Rum

Grapefruit Juice

Pour rum into a cocktail glass with ice.

Fill with grapefruit juice.

Make suggestive hip movements.

Wait! Wait! That’s not all!

It’s Graduation Day!

Today in 1959, Robert Zimmerman graduated from Hibbing High School in Minnesota. We know him better as Bob Dylan.

You’ll put your eye out!

The longest champagne cork flight was measured in New York today in 1988. It flew 177 feet and 9 inches.




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