Attack of the Killer Tomatos!

A year ago today scientists successfully sequenced the tomato genome and announced that tastier, more pesticide-resistant tomato varieties could be engineered for use in the next five years. I like tomatos in things like pasta sauce and pizza. I’m not such a fan of eating them “straight up”. This giddy scientific development doesn’t quite resonate with me. AND now I’ll be humming the theme from the movie all day!


Today in 1859 Westminster’s Big Ben rang for the first time in London.

Why “Big Ben”?

If you know, tell me. Why not “Big Billy” or “Big Brad” or “Large Larry”?

Kentucky’s own…

…Wynonna Judd was born today in 1964.

Spain’s own…

…Fernando de Soto discovered Florida today in 1539.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

You know my fascination with character actors and cowboy flicks. Well, today’s libation inspiration involves both.

Clint Walker was born today in 1927. Mr. Walker is best remembered for his portrayal of the laconic cowboy, Cheyenne Bodie in the eight-year television series; “Cheyenne”. I also enjoyed Mr. Walker’s performance in the film “The Dirty Dozen”. Let’s celebrate his day of birth with a;

Cheyenne Cyclone Cocktail

1 oz. Tuaca

1 oz. Melon Schnapps

½ can of Mountain Dew Code Red

Mix all the ingredients in a pint glass filled with ice.

How about “Clint the Clock”?




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