Whirlybirds & the Write Stuff!

Today is mostly about inventors and inventions.

–          Today in 1926 Thomas Edison said Americans preferred silent movies over talkies. Immediately after making that statement, Mr. Edison got in his horse and buggy and drove home, where the light bulbs were shining bright. You hit some and you miss some.

–          Igor Sikorsky unveiled his newest invention today in 1940; a helicopter. Thomas Edison stated later in the day that Americans preferred zeppelins.

–          The fountain pen was patented today in 1830 by D. Hyde. Mr. Edison was heard muttering in the background; “Americans prefer quills.”

–          Today in 1892 George Sampson patented his clothes dryer. We can only imagine what Thomas Edison was thinking as he hung his laundry out to dry in the backyard.

Less useful but nonetheless interesting

–          Today in 1992 a rap singer rapped 597 syllables in under 60 seconds. He went on to have a stellar career reading disclaimer notices on television commercials.

–          Wrestler Jerry Lawler sued the WWF and Harley Race today in 1987 for the trademark name “King”. It reminds me that Groucho Marx of the Marx Brothers once threatened to sue Warner Bros. Studios for encroaching on their use of the word “brothers”. Groucho was kidding. One can only hope Mr. Lawler was as well. I’m not getting close enough to find out.

–          Today in 1920 policemen raided the Cubs’ bleachers and arrested 24 fans for gambling. I’m hearing Capt. Renaud from Casablanca; “I’m shocked! Shocked to learn that gambling is going on here!!”

–          The US Communist Party dissolved today in 1944. I guess they got wet.

“Hey, hey Paula… I wanna marry you.”

That’s how the completely sappy rock love duet went in the early 60’s. It was recorded by Paul and Paula only that wasn’t Paula’s real moniker. Her real name was Jill Jackson and she was born today in 1942. “Hey hey Jill” doesn’t carry quite the same poetic gravitas: it distracts from the profound social message of the ditty.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Today is also the day of birth for actor James Stewart (1908).

Where do you begin to detail the amazing film work of Mr. Stewart? A few favorites of mine are; “Rear Window”, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Anatomy of a Murder”, “Harvey”, “Rope”, “The Philadelphia Story”, “Destry Rides Again”, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, and on and on.

Another of my favorite Jimmy Stewart films will inspire today’s refreshment. “Vertigo” rivals “Rear Window” as perhaps Alfred Hitchcock’s finest films. What a coincidence! Mr. Stewart stars in both.

Vertigo Cocktail

1 oz. Limoncelllo

1 oz. Cognac

1 oz. Crème de Menthe White

½ oz. Triple Sec

Shake all ingredients in a shaker.

Serve in a chilled cocktail glass.

Stay away from heights!




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