There Were These Three Brothers…

… with seemingly madcap (or simply mad) parents.

Their names were; Otto the Merry, Fredrick the Handsome, and Albert the Undistinguished. I kid you not – you can look it up. Today in 1335 Otto the Merry, Duke of Austria became Duke of Carinthia. I have no idea where Fred and poor undistinguished Albert were that day.

Otto the Merry… what were his parents thinking?

The Weather Channel debuted today in 1982.

Do you share my suspicion that the weather is misbehaving more than it did before the Weather Channel started watching and reporting? We could call it global warming, but I’m wondering if it’s not just sunlight and lightning preening in the spotlight of constant media attention. Hmmmmm.

It’s Flag Day in Poland

I’m not touching that with a ten-foot pole (or a six-foot Pole for that matter).

“And now it’s Judy’s turn to cry”

At least, that’s what singer Lesley Gore told us with much vitriol. Ms. Gore also gave us “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To” and “You Don’t Own Me”. I wonder to what end all that angst worked? Ms. Gore was born today in 1946. It’s quite clear she was not Lesley the Merry.

Other birthdays of note;

–          Hollywood’s Hedda Hopper was born today in 1885.

–          Lyricist Lorenz Hart (1895), British writer Jerome K. Jerome (1859), and actor David Suchet (1946) were all born today. Mr. Suchet gave us his immaculate portrayal of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. “Ah, Hastings, the little grey cells…”

–          Two singers who unfathomably never sang a duet together were born today. Engelbert Humperdinck in 1936 and Link Ray in 1929. Go figure.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Today in 1941, General Mills began shipping a new cereal called “Cheerioats” to six test markets. It was later renamed “Cheerios”. That name change seems to have worked better than “New Coke”. Let’s celebrate it with a;

Cheerio Cocktail

2 oz. Hancock Bourbon

1 oz. Grand Marnier

3 dashes Maraschino Liqueur

Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes.

Add ingredients and stir.

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Sing! “You would cry too if it happened to you!”


Roger the Moderately Amused


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