Stra-a-a-nge But True!

Before we get to the strangeness though;

–          Kentucky’s own Naomi Judd was born today in 1946.

–          She shares this birthdate with Clarence Clemons. Mr. Clemons was responsible for the soaring saxophone sound of Bruce Springteen’s E Street Band. Bruce may be the Boss, but Clarence surely knew how to take charge when needed.

And quick congratulations to…

–          Our friends at White Moon Winery on receiving their long-sought federal license. Soon now, we’ll be able to have a remarkable Lebanon, Kentucky experience; a Kentucky winery (White Moon), and a Kentucky small craft distillery (Limestone Branch), and a world-famous distillery (Makers Mark) all within a few miles. Only in Kentucky!

–          Jim Ross at CCC Trail Winery in Morehead for winning major AgGenius Awards for his “Hometown” series of wine labels. Also, the new menu looks great!

And now…strange doin’ #1;

Today in 1935, Amelia Earhart was the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California. What kind of mind would do something like that? I understand going the other way but the very words “from Hawaii” indicate a serious lack of reasoning capability.

Strange doin’ #2;

If Ms. Earhart’s oddly aimed trip had happened 14 years later, it would have been even more bizarre. Today in 1949 was the first recorded case of snowfall in Los Angeles. I wonder; who would record something like that? And what kind of equipment would they use?

Drink 4cast 4 2day

But! It makes for a fine thing to celebrate, especially since it’s the only snow around here right now. (Not complainin’, just explainin’). Let’s make our own;

Winter Snow Cocktail

½ oz. Durango Licor de Café

1 oz. McGrath’s Irish Cream

½ oz. Hancock’s Bourbon

Crushed Ice

1 splash Milk

Blend everything.

(Sing!) “I want to wash my hands, my feet and hair in snow….”




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