It’s British Invasion Day!

That’s what they called it in 1964.

Today in 1964, the Beatles released their first album in the United States, cleverly titled; “Introducing the Beatles”. Their initial foray across the pond was followed by a swarm of other British groups; the Rolling Stones, the Dave Clark Five, Gerry and the Pacemakers, the Animals, Herman’s Hermits, Freddy and the Dreamers, and…and…and…Ravi Shankar! Yeah, yeah, yeah,that’s it!

The invasion continues!

“Masterpiece Theatre” landed in America. The show premiered on PBS today in 1971. Yes, I was there. There were only four television channels back then and two of those were fuzzy. Back then “HD” was spelled “UHF”. (geezer joke)


One of my favorite British invaders would have to be Bernard Lee, born today in 1908. Mr. Lee appeared over and over again as the beleaguered “M” in the 007 films, wringing his hands over the latest wanton destruction of one of his gadgets or seeing another of his remarkably equipped vehicles disappear beneath the waves while James Bond stood watching with one his remarkably equipped young ladies.

Wait! Not everyone’s British today.

Today is also the birthday of the backbone of bebop; Max Roach. No, not British, but completely cool.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

It’s not British either.

We’ve all heard and perhaps used the phrase “crossing the Rubicon.”

Well, today is when it happened. Today in the year 49 BC, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River making his war inevitable. No-o-o-o, I was not there, but I believe Masterpiece Theatre has been there several times. We’ll toast the moment with a;

Rubicon Cocktail

In a rocks glass:

½ oz. Green Chartreuse

1 rosemary sprig

In a mixing glass:

2 oz. Royal James Gin

½ oz Maraschino

½ oz. Lemon

Curl rosemary in the rocks glass. Shake with ice.

Ignite (good grief, be careful!) the rocks glass with the Chartreuse, let it burn for about five seconds, then strain the shaken mixture into the rocks glass, extinguishing the flame.

Top the drink with crushed ice. Garnish with another sprig of rosemary.

“The die is cast!”




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