Wineries You’ve Never Heard of…

…but will soon!

I’ve spent the last two days immersed in Kentucky wines. No, not literally – get that image out of your mind.

I’ve been at the 2013 Kentucky Fruit and Vegetable Conference. I’ve learned about crop insurance, freeze protection, and FRAC codes; all useful to my days at the Barn. Well, maybe not so much. I’ve learned about two wine trails, a bourbon-and-wine tour, and a soon-to-be-announced virtual Kentucky Wine Trail.

I’ve also met the minds behind a bunch of new wineries and tasted a number of their new offerings. It was another validation of the health of our wine industry. The quantity and quality of these wines is most impressive.

Some of the new wines that should begin to show up in the Barn this year include; Redman’s Farm (Morning View, KY), White Moon (Lebanon – watch this one), Rising Sons (Lawrenceburg – very nice dry red Norton from Kentucky grapes), White Buck (Owensboro-area), and Seven Wells (California, KY – how appropriate is that).

We also could be seeing new wines from Steve Glisson in Paducah, and Tom Beal (First Vineyard in Nicholasville – another fine Norton, also from Kentucky grapes)

I also got to hear the winery dream of Bill Stiles. Bill is near Shelbyville. His winery is Christianburg Winery. It may another year or two before we see his wines, but the plans are exciting.

Brooks Hill Winery was also there and pouring their remarkable Cabernet Sauvignon. Mike Hatsell’s Cab is powerful and made from his own grapes. This is the third vintage of this wine I’ve tried. It is thrilling stuff!

This is a young industry filled with young people (of many ages) with young dreams and young energy. I want to spend every minute I can with them in the hope their energy and dreams are contagious. Plus, I wanna drink the wine!

It’s a big day for circuses!

And that’s just fine by me!

There was a circus in London today in 1768. Philip Astley staged the first modern circus that day in London.  I love the circus and circus stories – even the weird and scary ones…maybe especially those! To this day, I cannot fathom why Killer Klowns From Outer Space received no Oscar nominations. Go figure!

Speaking of circuses;

Today is also the birthday of Edouard Beaupre in 1881. Mr. Beaupre was a circus giant. When he died in St. Louis at the age of 23, he measured eight foot three inches…and was still growing. Part of his circus act involved lifting a 900-pound horse. No Killer Klowns need apply.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Chic Young was born today in 1901. Mr. Young’s best-known creation was the comic strip “Blondie”. Through the strip we have met the Bumsteads (Blondie, Dagwood, Cookie & Alexander), Mr. and Mrs. Dithers, Tootsie and Herb, Elmo, the car pool, and Daisy…and we have learned about the legitimate use of kicking and screaming in labor relations, the coveting of lawn tools, male hair care and fashion, catering amongst the omnivorous, and truly architecturally-sound sandwich construction. Let’s celebrate all that and more with a;

Dagwood’s Cocktail

¾ oz. Vanilla Vodka

Club Soda

1/16 tsp. Torani Hazelnut Syrup

Pour vodka over ¾ ice-filled highball glass.

Fill with club soda and top with syrup.

Shake or stir and serve with a straw.

Head for the lunch special at the diner.




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