How Would You Rate It?

It’s time for a geezer moment.

I hear you all rolling your eyes. Wait, that didn’t come out exactly right, did it?

I grew up watching Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. I’d watch the older kids tamely dancing on television and my little Southern Baptist soul was titillated. I’d listen to the new release of the week and I’d rate them right along with the seriously pondering kids on the screen; “It’s got a good beat. It’s easy to dance to. I’d give it an 85.”

Now that I think about it, I guess that was the first time I rated anything on a scale of 1-100. Now, of course, I spend a good part of the day discussing wine ratings with customers. Gosh (he says in his best fifties voice), that rating stuff musta started right there on American Bandstand! And Dick Clark was there!

He was always there and I’m gonna ‘fess up. I admired the hell out of Dick Clark. Every year he led us in celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Tonight he won’t.


I think that’s got a crummy beat and it’s lousy to dance to. I’d give it a zero.

Tonight, I’ll be celebrating Mr. Clark’s show tonight anyway. It’ll always be his show to me. I’d give him a 100.

But there’s more!

–          Today in 1923, the chimes of Big Ben were broadcast on radio for the first time by the BBC. I believe Dick Clark mighta been the first bell ringer.

–          This one’s for all the beer geeks out there. Today in 1759, Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease at 45 pounds per annum and started brewing Guinness.

Some very talented people were born today.

–          Trumpet master Jonah Jones was born today in 1909 (I’d give him a solid 95 – solid).

–          Artist Henri Matisse (1869) and folksinger Odetta (1930) share this birthday.

–          Actor and ethereal beauty Gong Li was born today in 1965. (I’d give her a 10 on the Dudley Moore scale).

–          An actor who can break your heart or eat your heart was born today in 1937. Happy birthday to Sir Anthony Hopkins!

Drink 4cast 4 2day

It can only be champagne.

I’ll be toasting the New Year with Vilmart Brut Reserve. This one of several small-producer French sparklers Michael found this year. I’m not sure I can pronounce it correctly, but after a glass or two, you’re probably not hearing it correctly either!





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