Wonks & Women!

They rule today.

I‘ll be the wonk and point out that today in 1602, the Bodleian Library at Oxford University was opened to the public for the first time. It means something to me – I practically live in a library.

The Louvre was opened to the public as a museum by the French Revolutionary Government in Paris today in 1793. It also means something to me – I probably belong in a museum.

Edmond Halley was born today in 1656. Mr. Halley discovered and named a comet. I merely drove one. Mercury made it. It probably belongs in a museum.

The author of DRACULA, Bram Stoker was born today in 1847. I played Dracula once and if you saw it, I owe you five dollars.

And now for the women! It’s all about birthdays.

–          GONE WITH THE WIND author Margaret Mitchell was born today in 1900. “Fiddle-dee-dee…I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

–          Actors June Havoc (1912), Alfre Woodard (1952) and Parker Posey (1968) share this birthday. Ms. Woodard pretty well broke my heart in Passion Fish and Ms. Posey’s performance in Waiting for Guffman pretty well brought me to tears of laughter and painful personal recognition.

–          And such singers today! Angelic Minnie Riperton (1947), blues diva Bonnie Raitt (1949), Chuck E’s good friend Rickie Lee Jones (1954) and Old Cape Cod crooner Patti Page were all born today.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

The inspiration for today’s libation comes from today in 1895. While experimenting with electricity, Wilhelm Rontgen discovered the x-ray. Suddenly, the cottage industry of producing fake x-ray glasses became a solid business plan.

X-Ray Cocktail

1/3 oz. Kahlua

1/3 oz. McGrath’s Irish Cream

1/3 oz. Frangelico

1 splash milk.

Shake it and strain it.

I can see-e-e you!




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