What Do You Do With a General?

We’ll answer that burning question in a minute, but first…

–          Today in 2010, Queen Elizabeth II launched a page on Facebook. It’s now two years later and I’ve yet to receive a Farmville request from her, a fact for which I am deeply grateful.

–          Expeditioners Lewis and Clark sighted the Pacific Ocean for the first time today in 1805. Their diary entry for the day was; “Surf’s up!”

We have birthdays to celebrate!

–          The music world will keep us singing “Happy Birthday” all day today. Johnny Rivers was born today in 1942. Mr. Rivers took us to “The Poor Side of Town” and introduced us to the “Secret Agent Man”. We are all made better…

–          New Orleans trumpet man Al Hirt (1922) and opera diva Joan Sutherland (1926) share this birthday.

–          The very wonderful Joni Mitchell was born today in 1943. Sing! “And the seasons, they go round and round, and the painted ponies go up and down. We’re captive on a carousel of time.”

–          The passionate sounds of Fado give us Maria Teresa de Noronha, who was born today in 1918. Indulge me on this one – it’s quite fine.

–          Writers Guy Gavriel Kay (1954) and Albert Camus (1913) were both born today.

–          Kentucky’s own Calvin Borel was born today in 1966.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Another birthday will inspire today’s cocktail recipe. Actor Dean Jagger was born today in 1903. I cherish Mr. Jagger for his unusual performances in unusual horror/sci-fi flicks; Revolt of the Zombies (1936), X: the Unknown (1956), and the exquisite On the Threshold of Space (also 1956). But his stoic portrayal of the General in White Christmas is what we all remember. How can we forget Bing Crosby’s touching rendition of “What Do You Do With a General?” Well, I’ll tell what we’ll do with a general…we’ll make a drink!

Five Star General Cocktail

1 oz. Goldschlager

1 oz. Jagermeister

1 oz. Ron Diaz Rum 151

1 oz. Rumpleminze

1 oz. Durango Tequila White

Pour ingredients into a mixing glass.

Stir and pour into shooters.





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