Kentucky Wines at the Debate!


…to Talon Winery and Wildside Winery. Their wines were featured at the huge media reception in Danville for the Vice-Presential Debate. Talon was represented by their “Monarch”, a red primarily of Cabernet Franc, and Wildside provided it’s Seyval Blanc, a dry white wine from a grape that I think shows promise of being important in our wine industry. Both of these wines are available at the wineries and on the shelves of Liquor Barn if you’d like to sip your way through the debate and enhance the feeling of being there.

It’s Meditrinalia!

I’m not sure I can pronounce it but I can celebrate it. I’m thinkin’ hats and horns and masks…and fireworks – always fireworks (but not after 10pm).

In Roman religion, Meditrinalia was an obscure (do ya think?) festival celebrated on October 11 in honor of the new wine vintage, which was offered in libations to the gods for the first time each year.

So…I’m thinkin’ songs, dancing, maybe a horse race or two, maybe a Vice-Presidential Debate or two and of course our Drink 4cast 4 2day which I will make the absolute newest wine in the store;

Marchesa Gavi

This a wine made from the Cortes grape from Piedmont in Italy. This is the same region that gives us Barolo, Barbaresco, and Asti Spumante. Gavi, however, is unlike any of those. This wine is white and dry in an unoaked Chardonnay style. I’ve enjoyed the Gavi’s I had in the past and look forward to trying this one. Michael tells me it’s a good one.

Some other things of interest happened today.

–          Today in 1975, the NBC sketch comedy/variety show “Saturday Night Live” debuted with George Carlin as the host and Andy Kaufman, Janis Ian and Billy Preston as the guests.

–          On this day in 1884, Eleanor Roosevelt was born.

–          Jazz drummer Art Blakey was born today in 1919. He just wants to “bang on the drums all day” and I’m more than content to let him.

I’m gonna go find a snazzy Meditrinalia sweater to wear.




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