It’s Mr. B.I.G.’s Day!

That would be film director Bert I. Gordon.

Mr. Gordon was born today in 1922 and went on to direct a number of nuanced classics including; The Amazing Colossal Man, Empire of the Ants, Attack of the Puppet People, Village of the Giants, and Earth vs. the Spider. Inexplicably, none of these films has been made into a musical yet.

I suspect Mystery Science Theatre 3000 owes much of its longevity and success to Mr. Gordon’s body of work.

Number one on the charts today in;

–          1988 – Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” (I know all the words!)

–          1968 – The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” (Yes! I know all the words!)

–          1978 – Kentucky’s Exile was number one with “I Want to Kiss You All Over” (I know seven of the words)

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Irish brewer Sir Arthur Guinness was born today in 1725. Let’s pop a top on a

Guinness Stout

Don’t worry…be happy!




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