Kentuckians Grabbin’ for the Gold!

The results are in from the Kentucky State Fair.

Congratulations are in order for Louisville-area wineries Forest Edge and MillaNova for winning gold medals for their Riesling and Mint Julia respectively. Big kudos also near da’Ville for Jim Wight of Wight-Meyer Winery. He won double-gold for his Diamond.

Double-gold was also the winning color for two of Allen Dossey’s wines from Paducah. Purple Toad Winery won for their Cabernet Franc and Paducah Peach.

Talon Winery of Lexington won a gold medal for their Traminette.

I love living in wine country.

I should also point out…

…(or Allen will berate me) that Purple Toad Winery recently picked up a double-gold medal at the Indy International Wine Competition for their Paducah Peach.

Gold from another source

Today is the day of birth in 1949 of Louisville’s Bub Asman. Mr. Asman is a film sound-editor deluxe and won an Oscar for his work on “Letters From Iwo Jima”.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

All this talk of gold can blind one to the fact that today in 1959, Miles Davis released one of the great make-out lp’s of all time; “Kind of Blue”. Let’s mix our hues, shall we?

Blue and Gold Cocktail

½ oz. Blueberry Schnapps

1 oz. Grays Peak Vodka

½ oz. Pineapple Juice

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.

Strain into a cocktail glass.

There’s gold in them thar Kentuckians!



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