A Glowing Evening in Kentucky!

That’s what I found yesterday at Acres of Land Winery.

My friends Lowell and Katherine Land have made a fine thing about five miles south of Richmond.

The vineyards at Acres of Land are some of the largest in the state. They caress the tops of the ridges and yesterday evening they were glowing in the setting sun. It was lush and quiet and beautiful.

The winery continues to produce some of the best-selling Kentucky wines in the market. The vineyards’ sun has been captured in these bottles.

The tasting room is lively and the restaurant was perkin’ along last night with folks dining and sipping on the porch. They too were glowing in the sun and each other’s company.

This is the farm Lowell grew up on and he’s made it as memorable for us today as it must have been for him growing up.

This is the epitome of what makes Kentucky’s wine country different. For the most part, these are not wine pilgrims come to Kentucky to make wine. These are our neighbors bottling our sunshine and sharing their homes and dreams with us.

Acres of Land is a fine place to be.

Kentucky is a fine place to be.

A friend of Lowell and Katherine is a very fine thing to be.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

I don’t think we can go wrong with a bottle of

Acres of Land Cabernet Sauvignon

Now…where are our friends and where’s the porch?




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