A Winery You Can See Right Through!

That would be White Moon Winery in Lebanon, Kentucky.

Alex Ackerman is the owner and vision behind White Moon and an active supporter of the whole Kentucky wine industry. Her efforts as the treasurer of the Kentucky Vineyard Society are guiding an aggressive but prudent course as the KVS evolves into a powerful force and resource for all who care about Kentucky wine; be they grape growers, winemakers, or wine drinkers.

Lisa Wicker is the winemaker and she’s firing on all cylinders these days as the winery’s first wine products are about to be released.

It was a bit like being caught in whirlwind to see and hear and try to keep up with these ladies as they spoke of their challenges. They bring the energy and imagination I’ve come to expect from most winemakers everywhere; Kentucky, Napa, Cotes du Rhone, Argentina…Saturn… But they also bring remarkable wine experience. Ms. Ackerman has been growing grapes (vinifera) quite successfully for about ten years. Her grapes are in demand in Kentucky and the surrounding states. Ms. Wicker has solid experience in the Indiana wine country. Together, there can’t be many challenges that dismay them. In fact, that seems to the watchword at this winery; “Our work is play” it reads on one of their labels.

Another hallmark of Kentucky wine is quite evident here. Alex and her husband Mark (who can make very fine wine himself) and Lisa are integral parts of Lebanon. Everywhere we went; people knew Alex and wanted a progress report on the new winery building. It was clear that the community was eager and ready to participate in Alex’s project. I suspect that’s simply an echo of what the community has experienced in their past dealings with the Ackerman’s: they’re eager and ready to participate.

Now, as to the winery itself…

Alex drove me out to the new winery. She pointed with such pride to the skeleton of steel standing in the field. Yes, you can see right through White Moon Winery. When you do, you see a bright addition to Kentucky’s wine future.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

I’m gonna cheat and pick something you can’t actually obtain quite yet. I liked it and it’s worth waiting for.

White Moon Chambourcin “Moon Dance”

You may howl at it if you wish.




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2 Responses to “A Winery You Can See Right Through!”

  1. bruce slusher Says:

    We headed to lex from Florida any speciality winerys in the Richmond/Berea that might be open on Sunday 8/5. That would be only time we would have available. We love small winerys.

  2. liquorbarn Says:

    As you approach the first Richmond exit (for you as you’re traveling north), watch for signs directing you to Acres of Land Winery. Lowell and Katherine Land are my friends and lovely people in spite of it. They are open on Sunday. I will myself be at this winery tomorrow evening.
    Oh…and welcome home!

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