It’s Mo’om Pitchers Day in Kentucky!

It’s a big day for Kentucky filmmakers.

–          Bowling Green’s Herschel Mayall was born today in 1863. Mr. Mayall was an actor in silent films – 112 of ‘em! Some of his titles were “The Battle of Gettysburg”, “Cleopatra”, “Madame DuBarry”, and “Daredevil Jack”. I think I used to run lines with him.

–          Corbin gave us Marion Killinger today in 1941. Mr. Killinger has appeared on television in “The X-Files” and “Law & Order”.

–          Knox County’s Fighting Dick Gilbert was born today in 1889. A professional boxer who once fought Jack Dempsey, Mr. Gilbert also appeared in 62 films, including several with Laurel and Hardy.

–          Today in 1880, Tod Browning was born in Louisville. Mr. Browning directed a whole passel of silent films and he also gave us the horror classics “Dracula”, “Mark of the Vampire”, and “Freaks”. “Gabbo geebo, gabbo geebo, now we make you one of us!” I think I got the spelling right.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

I’ve got one more Kentucky filmmaker birthday to share with you.

Hunt Stromberg was born today in 1894. Mr. Stromberg was primarily a film producer. He produced many films, but the ones in which I’m most interested are his “Thin Man” films. Mr. Stromberg was the producer for; “The Thin Man”, “Another Thin Man”, After the Thin Man”, and “Shadow of the Thin Man”. I love these films about the high-livin’ detective Nick Charles, his captivating wife Nora, and his fierce dog of action (not) Asta. Nick and Nora seemed to have living quarters plumbed with hot and cold running martinis. What might that rent be like?

To quote Nick Charles in “The Thin Man”; “A Manhattan you shake to a foxtrot, a Bronx to a two-step, but a dry Martini you should always shake to waltz time.”

Classic Martini

1 ½ oz. of Royal James Gin

¾ oz. Dry Vermouth

Shake (to waltz time) and strain into a chilled martini glass.

ONE-two-three. ONE-two-three.




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