Little Eva & the Little Prince!

Uncle Scrooge’s best friend…

…Louisville’s Don Rosa was born today in 1951. Mr. Rosa is probably the world’s foremost authority on the work of early Donald Duck illustrator Carl Barks. How authoritative? Mr. Rosa is simply the finest interpreter of Donald and his rich Uncle since Mr. Barks. Being a fan of Scrooge McDuck for about 150 years, I find this important. Happy birthday!

Whatta contest!

–          Today in 1880, France annexed Tahiti.

–          Today in 1889, Chicago annexed Hyde Park.

–          Today in 1945, the Soviet Union annexed Carpathian Ruthenia.


Game, set and match to France!

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Two birthdays vie for the honor today.

–          Antoine de Saint-Exupery was born today in 1900. Mr. de Saint-Exupery gave us the amazing and delightful children’s book, THE LITTLE PRINCE.

–          Little Eva was born today in 1943. Ms. Eva urged us to “do the Locomotion” in her pop hit. Sounds a bit lively for a very hot day, but I can’t pass it up.

Locomotion Cocktail

2 oz. Ron Diaz Coconut Rum

2 oz. Raspberry Liqueur

4 oz. Pineapple Juice

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice.

Shake well.

Pour it all into a highball glass.

Sing! “C’mon baby, do the loco-motion!”




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2 Responses to “Little Eva & the Little Prince!”

  1. Don Rosa Says:

    This is an interesting surprise.
    Did whoever wrote this know that I live in Louisville, KY, and that I am a regular and frequent Liquor Barn customer? In fact, I will be stopping by there TODAY (Hurstborne Lane store) for suopplies.

    Wow. Does this mean I get a discount???

    Don Rosa

  2. liquorbarn Says:

    Don, I had indeed heard that you still lived in the Louisville area, but it’s a nice surprise that you shop with us. You and I met several times back in my comic-collecting days at UK (circa 1857 I believe). By the way, I noticed someone had posted a picture of our revered Donald Duck with the caption; “The Original Angry Bird”.
    Happy birthday!

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