Slow Down, Pardner!

It’s World Sauntering Day!

And it’s hot!

Let’s ratchet it back a few notches from “11” (that’s for all you fans of Spinal Tap) and enjoy the day, shall we? Let’s mosey a bit, meander some, drift awhile, and temporarily put multi-tasking in the closet. Let’s just concentrate (lightly) on one humanely-paced thing for a while…say…baseball!

It’s baseball’s birthday.

Today in 1846 (no, I was not there), the first officially recorded, organized baseball game was played under Alexander Cartwright’s rules. The game was played on Hoboken, New Jersey’s Elysian Fields with the New York Baseball Club defeating the Knickerbockers 23-1. Mr. Cartwright was the umpire.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

According to Hallmark, today is also National Martini Day. How sweet is that?

Well, if we’re having martinis on World Sauntering Day, they should leisurely ones. The folks at Tabasco have modest example for us;

Slow Burn Martini

2 oz. Grays Peak Vodka

½ oz. Dry Vermouth

5 drops Tabasco Sauce

1 slice Jalapeno

4 or 5 Ice Cubes

Combine vodka, vermouth, Tabasco, and ice in a cocktail shaker, cover and shake vigorously (or, given the nature of the day, lethargically for a longer time as you ponder the sad state of the Knickerbockers’ pitching staff).

Strain into a chilled, stemmed martini glass.

Add jalapeno slice and serve.

Deny the value of “pep” for one day.




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