Tuxedos & Haz-Mat Suits!

I’ve been spending my evenings surrounded by them this week.

This year marks the 20th anniversary edition of the University of Kentucky’s Grand Night for Singing. It also marks 20 years of Liquor Barn’s support for the show and the efforts of the Lexington Opera Society.

This show is firmly established as Central Kentucky’s yearly kick-off to the summer’s entertainment schedule and for good reason. The show features 70+ singers/dancers primarily from the nationally respected vocal music department of the university. These performers use their formidable voices to interpret pieces from “Les Miserables”, “The Music Man”, “The Wiz”, “Cinderella”, “Hairspray”, and about a couple of dozen other shows.

It has been a lovely way to spend the time.

The show opens Friday night and plays over the next two weekends. I understand tickets are selling briskly. If you’d like to see the show, contact the box office at the Singletary Center at UK. I think you will be thoroughly impressed and entertained.

On the subject of musicals…

Today in 1972, the musical “Grease” opened on Broadway,

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Tuxes and haz-mat suits are not the only interesting fashion notes from today.

Beau Brummel was born today 1778. Mr. Brummel’s name has become synonymous with men’s fashion. It was Mr. Brummel who established a look of men’s clothing featuring full-length trousers and a necktie. This might be an anathema in today’s casual world, but this geezer actually appreciates an excuse to wear a tie. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t properly knot a tie until I was 21 and now I feel I have to catch up.

Anyway…let’s celebrate Mr. Brummel’s day of birth with a;

Beau Brummel Cocktail

1 oz. Hancock Bourbon

½ oz. Crème de Cassis

1 oz. Orange Juice

¼ tsp. Sugar

Serve in a cocktail glass.

Do the “hand jive”!




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