“If You’re Fond of Sand Dunes…”

“…and salty air”

Today in 1602 Bartholomew Gosnold became the first European to see Cape Cod. He found “quaint little villages here and there.”

What he didn’t find…

…was a McDonald’s. It wasn’t until today in 1940, that McDonald’s opened its first restaurant and it was in San Bernardino, California, a fer piece from ol’ Cape Cod.

While even farther away…

It’s Independence Day in Paraguay.

…and farther still…

L. Frank Baum was born today in 1856. Mr. Baum sent us all to visit the Wizard in his “Land of Oz” books.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

I keep hearing Patti Page and the Lennon Sisters running through my head, so let’s have a;

Cape Codder Cocktail

2 oz. Denaka Vodka

3 oz. Cranberry Juice

Lime Wedge for garnish

Pour the ingredients into a highball glass with ice cubes.

Stir well.

Squeeze the lime juice into the drink.

Drop the lime wedge into the glass.

You’re not in Kansas anymore!




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