Opening Night!

But first a couple Kentucky birthdays to honor;

–          Writer Bobbie Ann Mason (1940) shares this birthday with jockey phenom Steve Cauthen (1960).

And a special shout out…

…to Jim Wight of Wight-Meyer Winery in Shepherdsville. Jim walked away with another mess of gold medals this week and a lovely article in the Courier-Journal to boot.  I believe this winery may have more gold than Fort Knox. Congratulations, Jim!

Now sing! “Another opening…”

–          “Citizen Kane”, arguably the greatest film of all time, premiered today in 1941 in New York City.

Keep singing! “…another show…”

–          Today in 1869 was the opening night for the “Folies Bergere” in Paris. My rock band was booked for their second week. We were doing a knockout Stephen Foster set at the time. No one in Paris knew anything about Stephen Foster or rock that year. The reviews were unfortunate, but fortunately, they were in French. Thus, they didn’t hurt us much when we returned to the States.

What foolishness! Can you figure out who’s feeling a little old today?

Drink 4cast 4 2day

One more opening night will inspire today’s libation.

Today in 1786, Mozart’s opera “The Marriage of Figaro” opened in Vienna. We’ll toast that with a;

Figaro Cocktail

1 oz. Crème de Cacao Dark

1 oz. Crème de Menthe Light

1 oz. Triple Sec

Mix together over ice.

Puzzle everyone by muttering; “Rosebud”.




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