Hits & No Hits!

First the “hits”

–          Today in 1964 the Rolling Stones released their debut album. It brought them a lot of “satisfaction” despite their musical protests to the contrary.

–          The man who made a hit out of “Blue Velvet”, Bobby Vinton was born today in 1935.

–          Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar seemed to make every shot I ever saw him take. Mr. Abdul-Jabbar was born today in 1947.


–          Today in 1941 Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians threw the only Opening Day no-hitter in the history of Major League Baseball. He beat the Chicago White Sox 1-0.

–          It was distinctly not a hit today in 1178 BC when Odysseus returned home from the Trojan War. I understand there was some house-cleaning to do.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Admit it. Aren’t you a happier, more fulfilled person now that baseball season is here? Let’s toast that with a;

No-Hitter Cocktail

1 oz. Jagermeister

2 oz. Denaka Vodka

1 can Red Bull

Mix with ice and serve.

Sing! “I’ll always see blue velvet in my dreams.”




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