Makers Mark & Tim Couch!

Wotta team!

Makers Mark releases a special bottling of their iconic bourbon every spring and today’s the day.

This year’s bottle honors the University of Kentucky’s legendary quarterback Tim Couch.

I’m at our Hamburg store. The line of Tim Couch/Makers Mark fans stretched around the building when we opened this morning. The first person in line established his position at 8:30 Thursday night. He was one cold hombre when we opened the doors!

There are still a few bottles left for those of you who slept in.

It’s also a big day for west coast jazz.

I like jazz from all the coasts; west (Los Angeles), east (New York), south (New Orleans), north (Chicago), and central (Memphis and St. Louis). But today is about the west.

–          Gerry Mulligan was born today in 1927. I’m a big, big fan of Mr. Mulligan’s baritone sax.

–          Today is also the birthday (in 1929) of Andre Previn. Mr. Previn is probably best-known today for his serious work with orchestras but his younger days were spent playing sweet piano jazz with Shelly Manne, Jimmy Giuffre, and other habitués of the Lighthouse in LA.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

It’s gotta be a major shout-out to Tim Couch and;

Makers Mark

Go long and I’ll hit’ya!




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