All-American UK!

I thought it was his last name.

I was lucky enough to have attended two basketball games at Memorial Coliseum during the “Rupp’s Runts” season. I even vaguely remember it! I got to watch Louis Dampier, Larry Conley, Thad Jaracz, and Tommy Kron play…and Pat Riley. Mr. Riley jumped center for the Cats at six-foot-five. I think he only lost one tip all season. Later, when he played in the NBA, he was invariably introduced as “Pat Riley, All-American UK”. I thought he had changed his name.

Pat Riley was born today in 1945.

Two ladies of jazz piano were born today.

–          Marian McPartland in 1918 and

–          Long, tall Marcia Ball in 1949.

Two other mighty events of note;

–          It’s Independence Day in Tunisia.

–          Today in 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono were wed.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Love him or hate him, today’s the birthday of filmmaker Spike Lee. We’ll commemorate that with a;

Rusty Spike Cocktail

½ oz. Drambuie

½ oz. Scotch

Layer in a shot glass.

Slam it.

Do the right thing!




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