King Kong vs the Top Quark!

Something to which to aspire?

Today in 1995, researchers at Fermilab announced the discovery of the top quark.

This sounds like some kind of nerd reality show to compete with “America’s Got Talent”.

I looked up “top quark”. I was lost instantly in a world of “gravitational weight” and “spin” and “elementary fermions”. I think I used to drive a Fermion. The one term in the definition that did grab me was “top antiquark”. I think I found that!

Top antiquark candidate?

Today in 1933, the film (masterpiece in my humble opinion) “King Kong” opened at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. I know the Kongster could swat any quark, top or bottom, out of existence. Unless, by some chance, Fay Wray is a quark…but no…I think she’s a blonde.

Side note; Willis O’Brien was born today in 1886. Mr. O’Brien was the animation/stop-action artist responsible for much of the magic of good King Kong.

Wait! There’s more to celebrate today.

–          It’s Independence Day in…Texas? Guys, we’re in this together. Yes? No?

–          Louisville’s hall-of-fame coach Denny Crum was born today in 1937.

–          While we’re talkin’ basketball, Wilt Chamberlain set the single-game scoring record in the NBA by scoring 100 points today in 1962. I was guarding him.

–          I am a devotee of children’s literature. Thus, I must, it’s only just, point out with mirth, that on this Earth, Dr. Seuss enjoyed his day of birth.

–          Today in 1959, the master of cool, Miles Davis recorded one of the great jazz albums of all time; “Kind of Blue”.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Another fine jazz musician named Davis, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis was born today in 1922. Mr. Davis played his tenor sax with Sonny Stitt, Fats Navarro, Andy Kirk, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. I’d say that’s certainly worth celebrating with a;

Lockjaw Cocktail

2 oz. Nuvo

1 oz. Scotch

1 handful Ice

Add scotch and ice to glass.

Top up with Nuvo.

Blow cool!




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