Put Fruit on Your Head & Dance!

It worked for Carmen Miranda.

Ms. Miranda was born today in 1909. She was a flamboyant and energetic samba dancer/singer on stage and in the movies during the 40’s and 50’s. Ms. Miranda’s image was created and fixed by her appearance in an extravagant fruit-filled hat in “The Gang’s All Here”. To her sometimes dismay but her wallet’s delight (she was one of, if not the highest-paid woman in show business at her peak) she never escaped that image. She was often billed as “The Brazilian Bombshell”.

I am always mesmerized in a slack-jawed kind of way when she appears on screen. It borders on the surreal.

The beginnings of volleyball;

Today in 1895 William G. Morgan created a game called Mintonette. Soon after, it was called volleyball. I’m thinkin’ the name change was wise.

A reeeally big show!

The Beatles made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show today in 1964. They performed before a record-breaking 73 million viewers. Yes…I was one of them.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Gotta give this one to Carmen Miranda.

Carmen Miranda Cocktail

2 oz. Ron Diaz White Rum

3 oz. Cola

4 oz. Orange Juice

Club Soda

Dash of Lime

Fill a highball glass.

Dash some lime over the ice.

Add rum, cola, and orange juice.

Top up with soda.

Whose serve is it?




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