It’s National Weatherperson’s Day!

I hope it doesn’t get rained out!

This is really poor planning on the part of weatherpersons (can you tell I am more than a little irritated by the correctness of that word – it’s ok, I’ll adjust). Their “day” is sure to be lost in the seemingly eternal Super Bowl festivities happening today. On the other hand, since the big game is being played indoors, the local weatherperson should nail the gametime forecast. Now if they could only forecast the score.

Anyway, find a meteorologist to hug today.

Two birthdays that caught my eye;

–          Hammerin’ Hank Aaron was born today in 1934. Watching video of Mr. Aaron’s pre-steroids swing today, it’s hard to believe that much power could be generated from a normal-size human being. I was lucky enough to be in Cincinnati one special night to see him hit the home run that tied Babe Ruth. I’m a big fan.

–          Today is also the birthday in 1914 of beat writer William S. Burroughs. Mr. Burroughs gave us NAKED LUNCH, JUNKY, CITIES OF THE RED NIGHT, and other strange literary experiences. To hear him read his own work aloud is harrowing.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Today in 1869, the largest alluvial gold nugget in history, called the “Welcome Stranger”, was found in Moliagul, Victoria, Australia. I wonder why we’ve never heard of the “Moliagul Gold Rush” – maybe you just can’t get there from here. What we can get is a delicious;

Golden Nugget Cocktail

2 oz. Canadian Whisky

5 oz. Grapefruit Juice

Shake with ice and pour into a highball glass.

Now – when do those Super Bowl commercials start?




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