National Gorilla Suit Day!

Who knew such a thing could exist?

When I was growing up (now there’s a fine geezer beginning), each month I looked forward to the new Mad Magazine’s arrival. There were many priceless and silly regular features in each month’s publication, but invariably one of the best sections would be that month’s contribution by Don Martin. In his 1963 collection; DON MARTIN STRIKES BACK, he included a piece entitled “National Gorilla Suit Day” in which Fester Bestertester ridiculed the supposedly fictitious concept of National Gorilla Suit Day and proceeded to endure a stream of fantastic assaults from gorillas and other creatures in gorilla suits. Since then, National Gorilla Suit Day has been celebrated by Don Martin fans on each January 31. I think they merely needed some rationalization to put on a gorilla suit, a desire I’m sure all of us secretly share.

And if that weren’t enough…

Today in 1961, Ham the chimp travelled into outer space as part of Project Mercury…or was it another species in a chimp suit?

Drink 4cast 4 2day

If you can’t (or won’t) don the gorilla suit, perhaps you can still celebrate the holiday with a;

Gorilla Cocktail

1 ½ oz Ron Diaz Rum 151

1 ½ oz. Jagermeister

Add the ingredients together and serve.

There are also some birthdays of interest;

–          Baseball legends Jackie Robinson (1919) and Ernie Banks (1931) were both born today. Mr. Robinson was a bit before my time (hard to believe…), but Mr. Banks was one of my favorite all-time all-stars.

–          Two women were born today who are definitely dangerous to know. Jessica Walter (1941) was completely scary as she stalked Clint Eastwood in “Play Misty for Me” and Daniela Bianchi (1942) was a lovely Bond girl who attracted some very dangerous people in “From Russia With Love”.

And if all THAT wasn’t enough…

It’s Independence Day in Nauru.




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2 Responses to “National Gorilla Suit Day!”

  1. frankygee3 Says:

    Okayeth, Señor Meester Leasor (hmmm, that doth have a pleasnt ringeth), where art THY suit of the gorilla? Hmmmmeth?

  2. liquorbarn Says:

    Unfortunately, my gorilla suit would not meet the dress code for the Barns (no place for a name tag). BUT, we make an exception on game days that allows us to wear school colors. UK plays tonight. If they would change the school mascot from a wildcat to a gorilla…!

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