Come Fly With Me!

Sing! “Come on, let’s fly away.”

I came to appreciate Frank Sinatra late. He was my parents’ generation and of course everything they knew was wrong (thank you Firesign Theater). When I finally had the mind-numbing epiphany of realizing the truth that most everything I thought I knew was wrong (a reoccurring epiphany, alas), I allowed myself to take another look at previously shunned musical experiences. I “discovered” Frank Sinatra. I’m a fan. One of my favorite Sinatra songs is “Come Fly With Me”. The song was written by Jimmy Van Heusen. Mr. Van Heusen was born today in 1913. That’s certainly worth celebrating.

Perry Mason’s right hand man;

That’s what William Hopper is primarily remembered for. Mr. Hopper, born today in 1915, played private detective Paul Drake for many years to Raymond Burr’s Perry Mason on television. But my favorite William Hopper role was as the star of Ray Harryhausen’s film; “20 Million Miles to Earth”. I admit my fascination has more to do with the cool monster in the flick than Mr. Hopper’s performance.

Two birthdays of interest;

–          Hockey’s Great One, Wayne Gretzky, was born today in 1961.

–          Actor Sara Rue was born today in 1979. Ms. Rue’s parents live in Kentucky and are hugely active in the opera program at the University of Kentucky. They are heroes – I assume their daughter is as well.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical “Phantom of the Opera” opened at the Majestic Theater in New York City today in 1988. It went on to become the longest-running show in Broadway history. We’ll toast that with a;

Phantom Cocktail

½ oz. Blue Curacao

1 ½ oz. Opulent Vodka

1 splash Grenadine

Fill with Cranberry Juice

Fill glass with ice and mix everything in.

Sing! “No more talk of darkness…”




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