It’s Frisbee Day!

They may be discs to you but they’ll always be Frisbees to me.

The man who developed Frisbees was born today in 1920. His name was Walter Frederick Morrison. He is, of course, a god to me.

To be fair, Frisbees were called many things (including several by Mr. Morrison) before discovering their true name. Mr. Morrison claimed to have gotten the inspiration for his invention one day while sailing a popcorn plate with his girlfriend. Oh blessed day!

He originally marketed the product as Flyin’ Cake Pans (catchy – catchy – get it?). He also called them Whirlo-Ways and Flyin’ Saucers before he sold the idea to Wham-O who originally sold them as Pluto Platters (good grief!). Learning that college students in the Northeast were calling them Frisbees, the company finally bowed to the cosmic inevitable.

Today we have such amazing and complicated diversions. We play with computers, Sega’s, iPads, etc. I think, however, of the hours spent with the simplest of toys as precious. A ball and two gloves can devour an afternoon. A Frisbee and two sympathetic flingers can become attuned to the motions of the planet, and still trade insults (civilly of course), and shape attitudes about and solutions for the problems of said planet…and maybe have a beer or two. Wow!

I have flung and caught the Frisbee and while doing it learned scripts, connected with strangers, bridged generations, made fast friends, and just stood slack-jawed in wonder at the fast-spinning, slow-moving flight of the Frisbee. Were the weather right and the time available, every day would be Frisbee Day for me.

One grumpy note to all the Frisbee-flingers younger than me; it’s about throwing and catching – not running and jumping! Man, what a grouch I’ve become…my bad.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

I know this selection will come as a total shock.

Frisbee Cocktail

3 oz. Cider

1 ½ oz. Peach Schnapps

1 ½ oz. Black Currant Juice

Top up to fill a pint glass with Lager

Fling it all and enjoy!

Wait! There’s a bit more to celebrate today.

–          Duke Ellington played at Carnegie Hall for the first time today in 1943. No, I was not there.

–          Kentucky’s own Everly Brothers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame today in 1986.

–          Actor Jeanne Moreau was born today in 1928. Be still my beating heart!

Far out!




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