Happy St. Knut’s Day!

Dress like a goat and scare children!

That’s what they do in Finland on January 13.

Tjugondag jul (Twentieth Day Yule) is the day Christmas trees are taken down and the candies and cookies that decorated the tree are eaten. Also, men dressed as goats (called Nuuttipukki) visit houses. (Oh those Finns! Can they party or what?) The Nuuttipukki wander from house to house, enter, and demand food and alcoholic beverages. I’ve never tried that strategy – do suppose it works?

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Well it’s gotta be something for the Nuuttipukki. That’s just too much fun to say out loud.

Irish Knut Cocktail

1 oz. Amaretto

½ oz. McGrath’s Irish Cream

Pour amaretto into a shot glass.

Float McGrath’s on top.

Slam it down!

Go to the next house, I guess, and demand more!

There’s a lot more to celebrate today.

–          Today in 1910 the first public radio broadcast took place (and it wasn’t a pledge drive): a live performance of the opera; “Cavalleria Rusticana” was sent out over the air waves from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. I was not listening to the radio that day. I do however have an experience with this opera. In the early seventies, I attended a production of “Cavalleria” in which a young local singer, Norrie Wake, starred. He was impressive. Mr. Wake now is a not-quite-as-young winemaker in southern Kentucky. I’m bettin’ his winemaking efforts will be impressive as well.

–          Johnny Cash performed live at Folsom Prison today in 1968. I was not in the audience that day, nor, I’m assured by Mr. Wake, was he.

–          It’s Liberation Day in Togo.

There are birthdays of interest.

–          Diseuse Sophie Tucker was born today in 1884. Ms. Tucker gave us lovely, bawdy renditions of songs like “I’m Living Alone and I Like It”.

–          The original Fuller Brush Man, Alfred Fuller was born today in 1885.

–          If you have a taste for gentle, imaginative, literate fantasy, I recommend Clark Ashton Smith. Mr. Smith was born today in 1893.

A Finnish quote to finish St. Knut’s Day; “Good St. Thomas brings the Christmas, evil Knut takes it away.”

Beware the Nuuttipukki my friend!




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