Version 1.0 or a Perfect 10? Your Choice.

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to today!

The musical “Cabaret” opened on Broadway today in 1966. Sing it with me; “What good is sitting alone on a shelf?”

It’s Universal Children’s Day. If you know any universal children, treat them well.

And it’s Teacher’s Day in Vietnam. Might an apple be in order?

Birthdays of interest…at least to me;

–          Dick Tracy’s creator, Chester Gould was born today in 1900.

–          Rupp’s Runt, Louis Dampier was born today in 1944. If only there had been a three-point shot in his day…

–          Newscaster Judy Woodruff (1946), Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes (1976), and Tommy’s brother Dick Smothers (1939) were all born today.

–          We could make a most curious movie with today’s birthdays. Actors Sean Young (1959), Bo Derek (1956), and Kaye Ballard (1926) would star. The fine French director Henri-Georges Clouzot (1907) would direct and we’ll get Alistair Cooke (1908) to introduce our film when it goes to television.

Drink 4cast 4 2day

Today in 1985 was the day Microsoft released Windows 1.0.  That sounds prehistorical doesn’t it? Let’s toast the event with a;

Candle in the Window Cocktail

2 tsp. Hancock’s Bourbon

1 tsp. Cherry Brandy

2 oz. Castaway Cove Light Rum


1 dash Cocoa Powder

Combine ingredients in an Irish coffee mug, adding whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate powder on top.

That sounds like a perfect “10”.


Roger 1.0 (no enhancements or upgrades yet…sigh)


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