Actors, Athletes & a Little Bel Canto on the Side

Today is all about birthdays.

We have actors;

–         1933 gave us two today; Jeremy Brett (still my favorite Sherlock Holmes) and Aneta Corsaut (still my favorite Miss Helen from the Andy Griffin Show).

–         One name (and one hit) wonder Lulu was born today in 1948. Sidney Poitier could never leave that school while Lulu was singing “To Sir With Love”.

–         Indiana Jones’ friend Kate Capshaw (1953) shares this birthday with the very intimidating Charles Bronson (1921). Happy birthday…or else!

–         Comedienne Roseanne Barr was born today in 1952.

–         Monica Vitti, star of “L’Avventura” and “Modesty Blaise” likewise in 1931. Be still my beating heart.

We have athletes;

–         Football’s Bronko Nagurski (1908), baseball’s Bob Feller (1918) and boxing’s Larry Holmes (1949) were all born today.

–         Kentucky’s own Phil Simms was born today in 1955.

And we have bel canto for our Drink 4cast 4 2day.

Today is the birthday of opera composer Vincenzo Bellini. Mr. Bellini gave us “Norma” and “I Puritani” and was considered to be the quintessential bel canto composer. I, of course, would be the quintessential bel canto consumer. Let’s celebrate Vincenzo’s day of birth by consuming a;

Bellini Cocktail

2 oz. Peach Juice

4 oz. Champagne

Pour the peach juice into a champagne flute.

Slowly add the champagne.


Wait! I haven’t forgotten.

Today is Independence Day in Panama, Dominica and the Federated States of Micronesia (the name is bigger than the country, but it’s independent).




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