It’s Mole Day!

No, it’s not a celebration of vermin unless you consider chemists? Oh, now that’s just wrong!

Mole Day is an unofficial holiday (big surprise there) celebrated among chemists on October 23, between 6:02am and 6:02pm, making the date 6:02 10/23 in the American style of writing dates. The time and date are derived from Avogadro’s number, which is approximately 6.02 X 1023, defining the number of particles (atoms or molecules) in one “mole” of substance. (Note to self; delete chemists from dinner party guest lists!)

Let’s celebrate this compelling holiday with our Drink 4cast 4 2day.

Fuzzy Mole Cocktail

¼ oz. Peach Schnapps

1 ½ oz. Hancock Bourbon

1 ½ oz. Glen Moray Scotch

Top off with Orange Juice

To the vermin!

It’s a day of firsts.

–         On this day in 1958, Smurfs appeared for the first time.

–         The United Nations General Assembly convened for the first time, at an auditorium in Flushing, Queens, New York City today in 1946. Auditorium? What – did they play H-O-R-S-E instead of voting?

–         Apple announced the iPod today in 2001.

Birthdays that caught my eye;

–         It’s a big day for football. It’s the birthday of Doug Flutie (1962) and John Heisman (1869). Strike the pose.

–         One of my favorite character actors, Una O’Connor, was born today in 1880.

–         TV’s dancing judge, Nancy Grace (1959), and “Tonight” host Johnny Carson (1925) share this birthday.

–         Writer Michael Crichton, the real creator of JURASSIC PARK, was born today in 1942.

–         Kentucky’s country songster Dwight Yoakam (1956) shares this birthday with Kentucky’s all-star pitcher, Jim Bunning (1931).

–         Gummo Marx, the dressmaking/theatrical agent Marx Brother you’ve probably never heard of, was born today in 1893.

Happy Mole Day! I’m diggin’ it!




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