Great Day for Pompey!

On this day in 61 B. C., Pompey the Great celebrated his third triumph for victories over the pirates and the end of the Mithridatic Wars on his 45th birthday. Well, that’s all well and good, but the pirates? Let’s see how he does in the playoffs against the Phillies!

Still, it’s his big day, so we’ll let him inspire our Drink 4cast 4 2day.

Pompey Royale Cocktail

3 oz. Champagne

1 oz. pomegranate juice

½ oz. passion fruit juice

1/3 oz. raspberry syrup

1 tsp caster sugar

Dissolve the sugar in the juices and add to a champagne saucer with champagne and syrup.


A couple of other items of interest;

–         Today in 1951, the first live sporting event seen coast-to-coast in the United States, a college football game between Duke and the University of Pittsburgh, was televised on NBC. I believe Pompey the Great started at quarterback for Duke.

–         The cornerstone was laid at Washington National Cathedral in the United States capitol. Maybe Pompey did that too!

–         It’s Inventor’s Day in Argentina. That just can’t be an all day event.

Lots of birthdays;

–         One name artists Tintoretto (1518) and Caravaggio (1571) were born today. Last names were invented by an Argentinian inventor several years later.

–         Lazlo Biro, inventor of the ball-point pen, was born today in 1899. He was Hungarian, not Argentinian.

–         Miguel de Cervantes was born today in 1547. Mr. Cervantes wrote DON QUIXOTE (not with a ball-point pen).

–         Actors Anita Ekberg (1931) and Madeline Kahn (1942) share this birthday with film directors Stanley Kramer (1913) and Michelangelo Antonioni (1912).

–         Rockabilly demon Jerry Lee Lewis (1935) and singin’ cowboy Gene Autry (1907) were both born today. “Driftin’ along with the tumblin’ tumbleweeds.”

–         And of course there was Pompey the Great, born today in 106 B. C.

I’m his agent.




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