Beautiful Screamer

Today is mostly about birthdays.

–         King Kong’s best gal, screamer-deluxe Fay Wray was born today in 1907. I had a director once who needed a serious shriek at a critical moment in his play. His instruction to the actor involved was to “gimme a Fay Wray here!”

–         The film “JFK” has two birthdays today; actor Tommy Lee Jones and director Oliver Stone were both born today in 1946. Sounds like a conspiracy!

–         Writers James Fennimore Cooper (1789) and Agatha Christie (1890) were born today. “We must use the little grey cells, Hastings!”

–         Country singer Roy Acuff (1903) shares this birthday with city singer Bobby Short (1924). I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Mr. Short’s remarkable supper club act in Cincinnati about eight decades ago.

–         Also on this day, Conductor Bruno Walter (1876) and film director Jean Renoir (1894) were born.

Wait! There’s one more birthday for our Drink 4cast 4 2day.

Jazz master Julian “Cannonball” Adderley was born this day in 1928. We’ll toast him with a;

Cannonball Cocktail

16 oz. Greenall’s Gin

12 oz. Sheltowee Gold Lager

32 oz. orange juice

20 oz. lemon/lime soda

16 oz. Ron Diaz Rum

Mix ingredients in the order listed in a one-gallon container.


Pour into a highball glass.

A couple of parting shots;

It’s Battle of Britain Day in the UK.

And, of course, it’s Independence Day in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Honduras (must be something in the water…or a conspiracy).




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