They DO NOT write them like that anymore!

Otis Redding made that song famous and it’s his birthday today in 1941. Stephen Sondheim, eat your heart out.

It’s also the birthday of quarterback Joe Theisman (1949) and Kentucky’s most famous Colonel, Harlan Sanders. Finger-likkin’ good!

Wait, there’s more.

–         Today in 1776, the Continental Congress officially named its new union of sovereign states, the United States of America. That’s pretty special.

–         Elvis Presley appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time today in 1956. Rockabilly goes viral in a 1950’s kinda way.

–         And, of course, it’s Independence Day. When is it not? This time in Tajikistan (which is truly fun to say).

Drink 4cast 4 2day

James Hilton was born today in 1900. Mr. Hilton wrote several books, but the one we’re interested in today is LOST HORIZON. Twice made into a movie (once well), LOST HORIZON is a magical romance of possibilities in life that may only be achievable in an ideal locale such as…well… Shangri-La. This is the novel that gave us Shangri-La. It’s more than fitting that celebrate Mr. Hilton’s birthday with a;

Shangri-La Cocktail

½ oz. Greenall’s Gin

¼ oz. Apricot Brandy

½ oz. Orange Juice

A few drops of Grenadine

Dry Sparkling White Wine, chilled

Slices of Orange and Lemon, to decorate


Stir the gin, brandy, orange juice and grenadine with ice in a chilled highball glass.

Top up with the sparkling wine and dress with fruit.

Probably not a good match with fried chicken.




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