Strike Your Fancy Day

I couldn’t find anything in my sources that struck my fancy to write about celebrating today. I’m sure there were many wonderful things that happened but…

I decided this would be one of those days where Liquor Barn would simply have to make up a holiday. So I hereby declare today to be “Strike Your Fancy Day”. From now on, every August 23 in Kentucky should be celebrated in Kentucky by friends sitting out on a sumptuous summer night (like right now as a matter of fact) with a congenial glass of wine. These friends will talk and laugh (required for the holiday) and look at and listen to each other very hard. Finally, at some point in the evening, they will share with each other the most unusual thing about their friends that most strikes their fancy. A toast shall then ensue.

Now that would be a most excellent celebration.

We do have birthdays;

–         The author of THE SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY, Edgar Lee Masters was born this day 1868.

–         Basketball champion Kobe Bryant (1978) and songwriter Malvina Reynolds (1900) share this birthday. “Little boxes made of ticky-tacky”

–         Actor Vera Miles (1929) and actor/dancer Gene Kelly (1912) were also born today.

Our “Drink 4cast 4 2day” comes from a different kind of bottle.

Today is the birthday of Barbara Eden (1934), the star of TV’s “I Dream of Jeanie”.

Genie Martini Cocktail

2 oz. Greenall’s Gin

2 oz. Martini & Rossi Bianco Vermouth

Pour the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice.

Shake quickly and strain into a cocktail glass.

Garnish with an olive.

Blink your eyes real hard and vanish!




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2 Responses to “Strike Your Fancy Day”

  1. Charles Edward Pogue Says:

    I don’t believe Vera Miles was a dancer, just an actress. Now Vera Ellen was a dancer…

  2. liquorbarn Says:

    Fixed now. Thanks! I whiffed on that one, Coach!

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