Grand Slams, Cannon Shots & Real Big Hair

It’s Father’s Day in Nepal! If you missed the United States version of that holiday, here’s a chance to make good. Tie sales will soar!

It’s also a big day in sports and for loud music;

–         The National Football League was founded this day in 1920. It’s rumored they’re still playing.

–         Today in 1938, Lou Gehrig hit his 23rd career grand slam – a record that still stands and is honored by a breakfast named after him at Denny’s.

–         Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” debuted in Moscow today in 1882. Boom!

We have interesting birthdays;

–         Kentucky’s former football coach Rich Brooks was born today in 1941.

–         Sci-fi writer Greg Bear (1951) and blues growler John Hiatt (1952) share this birthday.

–         Boxing promoter Don King (1931) was born today. Mr. King was probably more famous for his amazing hair than for his fighters.

–         Alan Reed was born today in 1907. You’ve probably never seen him, but I’m sure you’ve heard him. Mr. Reed was the original voice of Fred Flintstone. W-I-L-M-A!

Inspiration for our gruesome “Drink 4cast 4 2Day”.

On this day in 1890, master of the macabre H. P. Lovecraft was born. I’m not sure we’ve had a safe moment since. Mr. Lovecraft’s panoply of malevolent Gods and menaces always seem to lurking just beyond the corners of our vision. Thanks a lot for that, Howard!

Cthulhu Rising Drink Recipe

1 oz. Absinthe

1 oz. Fernet Branca

2 oz. Red Bull

1 whole sugar cube

Mix Absinthe and sugar with water using an Absinthe spoon.

Add Fernet and Red Bull and mix together with ice.

Strain and serve.

Quietly tremble!




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