Star-Spangled Banner & a Great White Whale

Let’s celebrate today!

I suppose we could begin by celebrating the Reds’ three-game sweep of the Giants last weekend. I keep hopin’.

On this day in 1981 MTV began broadcasting in the United States.

It’s Statehood Day in Colorado. That’s reaching a bit for us in Kentucky, but an ice cold Coors sounds pretty good on this blazing day.

We have birthdays.

–         Jerry Garcia was born on this day in 1942. I’m grateful.

–         “Star Spangled Banner” composer Francis Scott Key (1779) shares this birthday with another songwriter; Ramblin’ Jack Ellliott (1931). Love those guys with three names.

Our “Cocktail 4 2day” is for another birthday boy.

Author Herman Melville was born today in 1819. His most famous creation, of course, was;

Moby Dick Cocktail

2 ½ oz Ron Diaz Dark Rum

½ oz. Galliano

1 oz. Triple Sec

3 oz. lemon juice

2 oz. 7-Up

1 wedge lemon

Put all ingredients except soda in a shaker.

Pour into an ice cube filled highball glass.

Top with soda

Thar she blows!




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