Dutch Beer-Fans Have Priorities!

It’s summer for sure!

It looks to be another very warm summer Sunday in Kentucky. We should definitely consider that when choosing our “Cocktail 4 2day”.

There are interesting birthdays to consider as well.

–         Writers Junichiro Tanizaki (1886) and Robert Graves (1895) were born today. Each added a little more wonder to our lives.

–         Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez (1969) and basketball power Karl Malone share this birthday.

–         Cootie Williams, Duke Ellington’s trumpeter-extraordinaire was born on this date in 1908.

–         Aviatrix (our feminine Icarus?) Amelia Earhardt was also born this day in 1897.

But it’s hot!

I think our Cocktail 4 2day has to be a cold Sheltowee Hop-A-Lot IPA to cool us down, lift our spirits and to commemorate the citizens of Leeuwarden, Netherlands who on this day in 1487 went on strike to protest a ban on foreign beer. That’s the spirit!




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