Why Celebrate Today? Wednesday, February 2, 2011

There have not been any new additions to “Growler Heaven” at Liquor Barn Springhurst.  We will, however, be tapping some very exciting local beer this week in preparation for our Local Brewers Meet and Greet this Thursday, February 3rd, from 5-7pm at Liquor Barn Springhurst.

 This will be an informal event where you can pay as you go.  Jerry Gnagy from BBC and Cameron Finnis from Cumberland Brewery will be on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding their beer or brewery.  The tasting will take place at “Growler Heaven”.  We will be featuring three beers from each brewery.  There will be several cheeses available to pair with each beer:

Cumberland Brews

Nitro Porter

Merlot a Trois (Belgian-Style Tripel aged for four months in Merlot barrels from River Bend Winery)

Double India Pale Ale


Salad Barleywine (Barleywine brewed almost one year ago.  This beer has been aging nicely in our upstairs cooler just waiting to be tapped!)

Simple Pat (Belgian Style Golden Ale brewed from the runnings of the Barleywine.  I’ll let Jerry explain the logistics to you)

Cherry Inyourendo (Imperial Stout flavored with tart cherries and aged in Bourbon Barrels)

 Cheese Pairings

-Cumberland Brews Merlot a Trois and BBC Simple Pat paired with Brie

-Cumberland Brews Double IPA and BBC Salad Barleywine paired with Blue Cheese

-Cumberland Brews Nitro Porter and BBC Cheery Inyourendo paired with Smoked Gouda and Dark Chocolate

 These cheeses will be out on the bar for you to experiment with different pairing combinations.

 During the tasting on Thursday we will be running a special on the BBC and Cumberland Growlers.  We will have official growlers from both breweries on hand for you get take home filled with your favorite local brew.  This special will only take place during the tasting!  If you happen to already have a BBC or Cumberland Brews growler, bring it out with you to receive a special discount.

 This week our Liquor Barn locations in Louisville will be receiving a very limited amount of Sierra Nevada Hoptimum, an Imperial IPA brewed with whole cone hops.  Don’t miss out on trying this beer because it will be gone fast!

 This weekend for our weekly bottle tasting at every Liquor Barn location (Thursday and Friday 5-7pm, Saturday 3-6pm) we are featuring four different Belgian Style Tripels:

Chimay White Label


New Holland Black Tulip

Schlafly Tripel

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