Why Celebrate Today? January 12, 2011

Btms ^ for Wednesday, January 12th!

Beer News @ Liquor Barn:

Over the past week, Liquor Barn Springhurst added several new draft selections to “Growler Heaven”. 

Sheltowee Java Dawg ($6.99 a Growler, 5.3% abv) is the newest addition to the Sheltowee line of beers.  This Oatmeal Stout is brewed with locally roasted coffee giving it rich flavors of chocolate, roasted malts, and coffee.  Currently this beer is only available on tap at just about every Liquor Barn location in Louisville and Lexington! 

 Stone IPA ($9.99 a Growler, 6.9% abv) is a nice and hoppy West Coast IPA.  Citrusy flavors are complemented by a semi-sweet malt base.

 Rogue Chatoe Dirtoir ($9.99 a Growler, 6% abv) is a rich and flavorful Schwarzbier (Black Lager) brewed with all natural ingredients taken directly from Rogue’s own estate.  This Black Lager differs greatly from any others that I’ve tried.  Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir is a heavy, full-bodied Lager that closely resembles a Baltic Porter.

 BELL’S HOPSLAM! ($15.99 a Growler, 10% abv) has finally arrived!  This Imperial IPA is released once a year in early January and seems to be gone as fast as it appears.  Bell’s Hopslam is brewed with honey to give the base a semi-sweet character and help raise the abv.  Huge citrusy notes of orange peel and grapefruit aggressively attack the taste buds.  “With a name like Hopslam, what would you expect?”

 Liquor Barn has or will be receiving a couple of new package beers this week as well:

 Bell’s Hopslam

Left Hand Fade to Black (Imperial Stout)

Laughing Dog Bourbon Barrel Dogfather (Imperial Stout)

This weekend for our weekly bottle tasting at every Liquor Barn location on Thursday and Friday 5-7pm, Saturday 3-6pm we are featuring four different Imperial India Pale Ales:

Bell’s Hopslam

Stone Ruination

Dogfish Head 90 minute

New Holland Imperial Hatter

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