Why Celebrate September 20?

Bottoms UP for Monday, September 20th! It’s another “Manic Monday”!
Drink 4Cast 4 2Day: Spaten Oktoberfest, this the season and reason 2 celebrate Octoberfest, no matter how you spell it!

Grab a Growler…of fresh tap beer sold in 64 ounce hugs at our “Growler Heaven” taps at Liquor Barns in Lexington at Beaumont. Hamburg and Liquor Barn Express! in Chevy Chase.  And in Louisville…you’re in “Growler Heaven” @ every Liquor Barn!
4 Days until…the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games begin @ the KY Horse Park in Lexington, September 25 – October 10, 2010
HOP IN to Liquor Barns during Louisville’s Craft Beer Week September 24 – October 2!  Scroll down to see our heady beer tasting schedule below!
Y Celebrate 2Day? On this date in…
1885 – Musician Jelly Roll Morton born…to jazz it up!
1917 – Basketball coach Red Auerbach born…to lead the Boston Celtics!
1929 – Comedian, actress Anne Meara born…to be Ben Stiller’s ma!
1934 – Italian actress Sophia Loren born…and “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.”
1946 – 1st Cannes Film Festival held…Tres magnifique!
1956 – Actor Gary Cole born…with an “Entourage” and “Fatal Vision”?
1960 – Journalist Deborah Roberts born…with “20/20” vision to forecast her marriage to “Today Show” weatherman Al Roker?
1967 – Actress Kristen Johnson born…on the “3rd Rock from the Sun”?
1973 – Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in “The Battle of the Sexes Tennis Tournament” at the Houston Astrodome. Girl power!
1975 – David Bowie’s song “Fame” hit #1.
1984 – “The Cosby Show” premiered on NBC-TV…and we met the wonderful Huxtable family!

HOP IN & Heads UP for Liquor Barn’s Celebration of Louisville ‘s Craft Beer Week: September 24 – October 2!
Friday Sept 24th

Rogue Growler Night @ Springhurst 5-7pm
Saturday Sept 25th
Great Lakes Brew master Visit @ Springhurst  3 to 6 pm
Three Floyds @ Hurstbourne 3 to 6 pm
Sunday Sept 26th
Local Beer Day @ Springhurst  2 to 6pm
Schlafly Brewery @ Hurstbourne 2 to 6pm
Monday Sept 27th
Belgium Beer Comparisons Tasting @ Springhurst  5:30 to 7pm
KY Ale @ Hurstbourne 5 to 7pm
Tuesday Sept 28th
Schlafly Brewery @ Springhurst 5 to 7pm
Upland Brewery @ Hurstbourne 5 to 7pm
Wednesday Sept 29th
Sierra Nevada Brewery @ Springhurst 5 to 7pm
Samuel Adams Brewery @ Hurstbourne 5 to 7pm
Thursday Sept 30th
Ommegang Brewery @ Springhurst 5 to 7pm
Sierra Nevada Brewery @ Hurstbourne 5 to 7pm
Friday Oct 1st
New Albanian Brewery @ Springhurst 5 to 7pm
Hops Class @ Springhurst  6 to 7:30
Local Brewers Day @ Hurstbourne  5 to 7pm
Saturday Oct 2nd
Jobless Burring Company @ Springhurst 1 to 3pm
New Holland Brewery @ Hurstbourne 1 to 3pm

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