Why Celebrate August 9

Bottoms UP (Btms^) for August 9.
Drink 4Cast 4 2Day: Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, 2 celebrate Jesse Owens 4th Olympic Gold Medal win in Berlin, 2day in 1936!
Enjoy Our Complimentary Wines @ Liquor Barns this week from 5 to 7 pm Monday through Friday, and 3 to 6 pm Saturday, from California!
 – McManis Family Vineyards Chardonnay and Zinfandel 
Liquor Barn, Springhurst Hosts Great Lakes Brewery, Seven Course Tasting: Thursday, August 12 @ 6 pm
Liquor Barn will hold a beer and food tasting event featuring seven Great Lakes Brewery beers on Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 6 p.m. at Liquor Barn, Springhurst: 4301 Towne Center Drive. For $10 per person, guests will sample 3 to 4 ounce tastes of seven Great Lakes beers, paired with specialty foods from Liquor Barn.
Lisa Farmer of Great Lakes Brewery will be on hand to guide guests through the seven beer courses, including a special Great Lakes Brewpub
exclusive tap beer. She will be aided and abetted by Liquor Barn beer guru Drew Johnson.
Liquor Barn (Springhurst) and Great Lakes Brewery’s August 12 menu:  


-Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, paired with Gruyere cheese

-Great Lakes Eliot Ness Amber Lager, paired with Asiago cheese

-Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale, paired with Aged Provolone cheese

-Great Lakes Commodore Perry India Pale Ale, paired with dry Italian Salame

-Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster Imperial India Pale Ale, paired with Kenny’s KY Blue Cheese

-Great Lakes Blackout Stout, paired with Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles 

+ SPECIAL: Great Lakes Brewpub Exclusive Tap Beer, pairing TBD


The Great Lakes beer and food tasting will be $10. Stop in Liquor Barn to make your reservation. For info, call  (502)426-4222 or email Drew @ djohnson@liquorbarn.com

Y Celebrate 2Day? On this date in…
1982 – American track and field sprinter Tyson Gay was born in Lexington…to run like the wind?
1978 – French actress Audrey Tautou was born…like “Coco After Chanel” to help solve “The DaVinci Code” with “Amelie”?
1976 – Actress Jessica Capshaw born…after “The Practice” to study “Grey’s Anatomy”?
1968 – Aussie actor Eric Bana born…to “Funny People” like the “Hulk” in “Munich” with a “Black Hawk Down” near “Troy”?
1968 – Actress Gilliam Anderson born…in a “Bleak House” to investigate “The X Files”?
1967 – Athlete Deion Sanders born…to have pro careers in both football AND baseball.
1964 – TV journalist Hoda Kotb born…”Today” on a “Dateline”?
1964 – Hockey player Brett Hull born…to be the “Golden Brett”?
1963 – Singer Whitney Houston born…to “…Wanna Dance with Somebody” and wonder “How Will I Know”?
1957 – Actress Melanie Griffith born…a “Working Girl” and “Nobody’s Fool” in “Pacific Heights” and “Something Wild” with “Mlik Money” and “Crazy in Alabama”?
1944 – The U.S. Forest Service featured “Smokey Bear” for the 1st time… on posters.
1942- Canadian comedian, actor, director David Steinberg born…to be a very funny man!
1938 – Aussie tennis great Rod Laver born…to be the only tennis player to have twice won all 4 Grand Slam singles titles in the same years, the 1st time as an amateur and the second time as a pro.
1936 – Jesse Owens won his 4th Gold Medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics…the 1st person to do so in a single Olympics!
1928 – NBA great Bob Cousy born…to be “Mr. Basketball” for the Celtics!
1927 – Actor Robert Shaw born…in “The Deep” to hunt for “Jaws” and enjoy “The Sting” of it all?
1899 – Author P.L. Travers born…as Pamela Lyndon Travers to create “Mary Poppins”!
1892 – Thomas Alva Edison received a patent for the 2-way telegraph!
1483 – The Sistine Chapel opened…and it was a thing of beauty!
1173 – Construction on the Tower of Pisa began…and would take 2 centuries to complete!

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