Why Celebrate July 26

Btms^ for Monday, July 26
Drink 4Cast 4 2Day: Jagermeister, 2 toast 2 Mick Jagger, born a “Rolling Stone” 2day in 1943!

IF you missed Liquor Barn’s full page ads in Sunday’s Louisville Courier-Journal, or the Lexington Herald-Leader…you can view it on line by clicking on the link to advertised specials on the LEFT Navi Bar!  

Y Celebrate 2Day? On July 26th in…
1990 – The American Disabilities Act of 1990 was signed into law…cheers to accessibility for all!
1973 – Peter Shaffer’s play Equus premiered in London…to applause!
1973 – Actress Kate Beckinsale born…in “Pearl Harbor”?
1965 – Actor Jeremy Piven born…with an “Entourage”?
1964 – Actress Sandra Bullock born…”While You Were Sleeping” with “Two Weeks Notice” on “The Blind Side” to “Crash” due to excessive “Speed”?
1959 – Actor, theatre director Kevin Spacey born…a “Wiseguy” with “Seven” of “The Usual Suspects” who “Pay It Forward” to an “American Beauty”?
1956 – Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill born…to win Gold on the ice at Innsbruck, and have a trend-setting hair cut!
1945 – Actress Helen Mirren born…a “Prime Suspect” in “Gosford Park” at “The Last Station” for “Calendar Girls” like “Elizabeth I” and “The Queen”?
1943 – Iconic singer, songwriter Mick Jagger born…a “Rolling Stone” in “Exile on Main Street” with “Tumbling Dice” who can’t get “No Satisfaction” with “Some Girls” like “Angie” who ride “Wild Horses”?
1928 – Film director Stanley Kubrick born…to “Dr. Strangelove” wearing a “Full Metal Jacket” for “The Shining” of “A Clockwork Orange” during “2001: A Space Odyssey”?
1922 – Actor Jason Robards born…with “All the President’s Men” in “Philadelphia” on a “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” under “A Moon for the Misbegotten”?
1909 – Actress Vivian Vance born…to be “Ethel” to Lucille’s “Lucy”?
1894 – Writer Aldous Huxley born…to a “Brave New World”?
1875 – Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung born…to be a ‘dream weaver’?
1856 – Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw born…to win a Pulitzer Prize and an Oscar for “Pygmalion” and be a Nobel laureate, for works such as Arms and the Man, Candida, Man and Superman, Heartbreak House, and The Apple Cart.
1788 – New York ratified the US Constitution and became the 11th United State!

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