Why Celebrate June 25

Btms^ for Friday, June 25th…TGIF!
Drink 4Cast 4 2Day: a Kentucky Ale, 2 cheer 2 the 5 former KY Basketball players who were 1st round draft picks & are on their way 2 the NBA!
Y Celebrate? On this date in…
1993 – Kim Campbell became the 1st female Prime Minister of Canada…O Canada, cheers 2 girl power!
1975 – Actress Linda Cardellini born…in the “E.R” with a dog named “Scooby Doo”?
1961 – British comedic actor, writer Ricky Gervais born…in “The Office” with “Extras”?
1956 – Chef, TV host, writer Anthony Bourdain born…with “No Reservations” to pen “Kitchen Confidential”?
1954 – Legal eagle Sonia Sotomayer born…to be the newest Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court!
1945 – Singer, songwriter Carly Simon born….with “Anticipation” because “You’re So Vain” but “Nobody Does It Better”?
1903 – Eric Arthur Blair born…and under the pen name “George Orwell” to write the classic books “Animal Farm” and “1984”.
Sip & Sample Kentucky Wines This Week @ the Barns!
Join us from 5 to 7 pm Friday and 3 to 6 pm Saturday for complimentary samples of these four Kentucky Wines at Liquor Barns!
 -Taste the Sun Vidal, from Harkness Edwards Vineyard
– Wight-Meyer Diamond
– Horseshoe Bend Red Jester
– Lovers Leap Cynthiana

Try These Five KY Brews @ Liquor Barn’s Buy a Try Beer Samplings Tonight, June 25 from 5 to 7 pm, and Saturday from 3 to 6 pm: Sheltowee 502 Amber, BBC Professor Gessor, BBC Nut Brown, Kentucky Ale, Sheltowee Hop-A-Lot IPA. Just 50 cents each or buy a try of all 5 for 2 bucks!  
Sheltowee 502 Amber This light to medium-bodied Amber Ale has a golden honey color and is full of flavor.  The flavors in this beer are very similar to the New Belgium Fat Tire Ale.  A light caramel malt characteristic is balanced by a soft hop bitterness in the finish.  A very easy drinking beer that anyone can enjoy.  Brewed by the BBC on Main St. in Louisville, KY.  5% abv.
BBC Professor Gessor is an American IPA with a slightly sweet malt profile dominated by a citrusy grapefruit hop flavor.  Brewed by the BBC St. Matthews in Louisville, KY.  7.1% abv.
BBC Nut Brown A creamy, medium-bodied, brown ale with characteristics of roasted nuts (hazelnuts and pralines).  Coffee, cocoa and chocolate notes are present as well as a slightly bitter finish.  Brewed on Main St. in Louisville, KY.  5% abv.
Kentucky Ale A combination of an Irish Red Ale and an English Pale Ale.  A copper red color with a nice balance of caramel malt and noble hops.  A good session beer.  Brewed by Alltech in Lexington, KY.  5% abv
Sheltowee Hop-A-Lot Perfect beer for any hop-head.  A good balance between hops and malt.  This full-bodied IPA has a piney, floral hop aroma.  The hops dominate the flavor profile while the malt helps to balance out the finish.  A great bargain for this high octane IPA.  8% abv.

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