Why Celebrate May 27

Btms^ for Thursday, May 27…it’s Friday Eve!  

Drink 4Cast 4 2Day: Schlafly Summer Lager, 2 toast 2 the great, summer-like weather we’ve been enjoying this week in Kentucky!    

Buy a Try Beers Samplings Today, Friday & Saturday at the Barns! May 27 & 28 from 5 to 7 pm, May 29, 3 to 6 pm  

We’ll be sampling five craft and imported Lagers at the Barns today, Friday and Saturday for just 50 cents each, or buy a try of all five for just two bucks!  Did you know…Lagers have a bottom-fermenting yeast and are stored (or Lagered) at cooler temperatures (40-50 degrees F) during fermentation. Now you do!   

Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager is brewed and fermented at medium temperatures to produce both ale and lager characteristics.  A medium-bodied Amber with a nice aroma and flavor of caramel malts.  A dry and clean finish in balanced by a mild, citrus hop flavor.  Brewed in Frederick, MD.  5.3% abv.  

Hofbräu Dunkel has a medium copper color with an off-white head.  The flavor is semi-sweet toasted/lightly roasted malt with a subtle floral hop bitterness that still allows the malt show through.  Brewed in Munich, Germany.  5.5% abv.

Xingu Pronounced shin-goo.’  A medium-bodied Schwarzbier style beer with flavors of roasted malts, milk chocolate, and caramel.  A creamy texture and a sweet mouthfeel is finished with a subtle hop bitterness.  Good carbonation and easy to drink.  4.7% abv.  Brewed in Brazil.

Schlafly Summer Lager is a Munich Style Helles.  Appearance is very pale yellow with a white head.  The aroma is light malt with just a slight floral hop character.  The flavor is semi-dry light malt with a subtle floral hop bitterness in the finish.  Brewed in St. Louis, MO.  4.5% abv.

Okocim is a Pale Lager with a semi-sweet malt base.  Flavors of caramel and toasted grains are balanced by a crisp and refreshing hop character.  Brewed in Poland. 5% abv.


Y Celebrate 2Day? On this date in…  

1984 – Playwright Beth Henley’s “Miss Firecracker Contest” premiered in NYC…with Holly Hunter in the lead role!

1975 – Jamie Oliver born…to be “The Naked Chef”?

1971 – Actor Paul Bettany born…with “A Beautiful Mind” to tell “A Knight’s Tale” and break “The Da Vinci Code” for his “Master and Commander”?

1969 – Construction began in Florida on Walt Disney World…it IS a small world after all?

1968 – MLB’s Jeff Bagwell born…to be on 1st base as an Astro in Houston?

1956 – Journalist Cynthia McFadden born…in “Primetime” on “Nightline”?

1955 – Actor Richard Schiff born…in the “West Wing” as Toby Ziegler?

1945 – Canadian musician Bruce Cockburn born…”Wondering Where the Lions Are”?

1933 – Walt Disney released “The Three Little Pigs” with the hit song “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”

1930 – The Chrysler Building in NYC opened to the public…and at the time was the world’s tallest building at 1,046 feet!  It is still one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, and remains an icon of  NYC.

1912 – Writer John Cheever born…to write many a short story?

1894 – Writer Dashiell Hammett born…”The Thin Man” and “The Maltese Falcon” with Sam Spade?

1819 – Poet, suffragette Julia Ward Howe born…to pen “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”…trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored?

1794 – Entrepreneur Cornelius Vanderbilt born…to be the “Commodore” of shipping and railroads, and endow his namesake in Nashville, Vanderbilt University!  


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